Enable god mode in Far Cry

Far Cry is far and away the most difficult game I have ever played. I tried my best to get through it, but after repeating the same level literally hundreds of times, I decided enough was enough. The story was compelling enough that I wanted to see it through, but I couldn’t stand dying one […]

Register and activate a retail, boxed game with Steam

I am a huge fan of Valve’s software distribution platform, Steam. Hunting for game patches on Fileplanet was never my idea of a good time. Struggling with instant messaging while in game to converse with my friends was no picnic either. Both of these issues are resolved with Steam. The overlay system, which allows you […]

Install Need for Speed Underground and Most Wanted together

If you own both Need for Speed Underground and Need for Speed Most Wanted, you’ve inevitably tried to install them together. The first game will install and play flawlessly, however, something strange happens when you run autoplay on the second game. It doesn’t matter which game you install first, the second will exhibit the behavior […]