Diablo 3 announcement resurrects Diablo 2

Hearing the announcement that Diablo 3 is in the works completely threw the gaming world for a loop. This has been a very well kept secret by Blizzard in that their first announcement of the game also showcased a 19 minute gameplay video which showed a game that already looked well polished and feature complete. After watching the video three times in a row, I decided to resurrect my copy of Diablo 2 to get my mind back in the Diablo universe in preparation.

After installing Diablo 2 and the Lord of Destruction expansion pack, I created a new Battle.net account, made a Sorceress character, and immediately looked for a rush (where a high level character completes quests for you allowing you to get rushed through the game rapidly). While playing I posed the question to my fellow Diablo players; “Who here is just getting back into Diablo 2 after hearing about Diablo 3?” Everyone in the game replied “Me!” The same could be said for players in nearly every game I joined.

Fast forward from the announcement to now and I find myself with a level 87 Sorceress and about five mule characters full of items, runes and gems. It’s great fun for a game that is 8 years old. Have you just gotten back into Diablo 2 after hearing about Diablo 3? Leave a comment and let us know.