Choose whichever special infected you want in Left 4 Dead single player

If you have tried playing as the infected in Left 4 Dead single player as I suggested previously, you’ve probably been having lots of fun tearing up the AI controlled players. After poking around in the developer console, I found a command that lets you choose whichever special infected you want and ignores the spawn timer.

Left 4 Dead message saying you are dead

Want to practice hunter pouncing over and over? No problem. Just enter the following into the developer console during gameplay:

z_spawn hunter auto

Want to play as the tank? Now you can any time you want with:

z_spawn tank auto

To make this choosing process easier, use the configuration below whereby you can press F5 through F8 to play as the special infected of your choice. Make sure you check out my previous article if you don’t know where to put these commands:

alias "sp_versus" "sv_cheats 1; director_force_versus_start; mp_gamemode versus; sb_all_bot_team 1"
bind "f1" "sp_versus"
bind "f2" "jointeam 2"
bind "f3" "jointeam 3"
bind "f5" "z_spawn hunter auto"
bind "f6" "z_spawn smoker auto"
bind "f7" "z_spawn boomer auto"
bind "f8" "z_spawn tank auto"

Happy infecting!