About Me


Who are you?

I’m Jeff. I grew up with technology. I am a hardcore gamer and won’t hesitate to fire up a game whenever I get the chance.

My primary gaming platform is the PC. I’m not one of those people that despises every other gaming platform because in my opinion, a gamer is a gamer. Play what makes you happy. I’ve been infatuated with computers since I was a kid primarily because my father worked at IBM and brought home one of the first personal computers available–the IBM 5150 (external link). While I had loads of fun on this platform with games like Super Boulder Dash (external link) and Novatron (external link), the first PC game I was deeply obsessed with was Wolfenstein 3D (external link). First person shooter games are near and dear to my heart, but I love many other types of games.

What is this place?

It’s a blog. It’s a place where I can post long format articles of things that might interest you. My goal is to showcase old games that have been revitalized, inform you of modifications that enhance a particular game, and give general tips and tricks for games that I enjoy.

Why cowgod.net?

My online alias, nickname, whatever you want to call it is cowgod. It’s a name that evolved over a solid decade or more starting with elementary school. It started with a little something called Español. My name is Jeff, which is Jéfe in Spanish (pronounced heh-fay). My friends decided it would be funny to start calling me heifer instead of Jéfe. Crazy kids!

Heifer stuck with me for a long time. Eventually this thing called the internet caught on and I needed to get myself an email address. Heifer didn’t have quite the pizzazz I was hoping for, so I took it upon myself to switch to simply cow. That has pizzazz, right? I used that alias on any website that still had it available. It was also the nickname I used for online gaming.

I did lots and lots of gaming back in the day. The game that consumed most of my time by far was Counter-Strike (external link). I’m not talking Counter-Strike Source (external link) or CS:GO (external link) like the kiddos today are playing–I’m talking old school, mod for Half-Life (external link) Counter-Strike 0.3 beta. I played so much that I almost turned into this guy (external link). Anyway, I got pretty good. Some of my clan members called me a Counter-Strike god. See where I’m going with all of this? I infused my godlike Counter-Strike skills into my nickname to create the alias cowgod and it has stuck ever since.

What is your favorite game of all time?

While I may not have the most hours played in this game, Quake (external link) by id software (external link) is held nearest and dearest to my heart. I still play it to this day.

How can I contact you?

I would love to hear from you! You can find me at the following places:

YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/c0wg0d (external link)
Twitter: http://twitter.com/cowgod (external link)
Twitch: http://twitch.tv/c0wg0d (external link)
Google+: https://plus.google.com/108802856226196294839 (external link)